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McDevitt Enterprises is a web building service for individuals, small businesses and organizations who would like exposure on the Internet, but at a reduced cost. 

Creating an effective web presence requires more than just putting together a few web pages. It requires understanding your target audience, developing a professional and consistent image, and spreading the word about your site.  McDevitt Enterprises endeavors to build sites that fulfill those goals through thoughtful design and layout.  

Can a small business compete?  Just because you own a small business doesn't mean you can't find your place on the Internet. In fact, the web is probably one of the best places for a small business to be, as it gives you the chance to compete in the same arena as many of your larger competitors. All you need is a quality design for your web site and your small business can have the same chance for success

The future is the Internet.  Why spend time driving in the traffic when you can see everything you need on a web site, and have it delivered to your door. More people are listing their business on the Internet every day.

Over 75% of households, and an increasing number of businesses, are connected to the Internet and it is growing.  Domain names are becoming harder and harder to find.  Now may just be the time to secure your Domain name, and your place on the Internet.  

If you are looking for a web designer who will treat your business as if it were their own, who will dedicate themselves to doing everything possible to make your business a success, and who will give you personal service, you've come to the right place. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers. 

To all my classmates in the SMHS Class of 1972,  click here to view our Official Web Pages and to view our Reunion Photos!

Charles McDevitt
Sole Proprietor